Hello! We are ilyani, Azhar and Daie, the little family behind Daiesu! 🙂 Babywrap.com.my is yet another project by us for the love of babywearing.

After a few years doing business of babywearing gears in Malaysia, we have come across many parents that still find quality baby carrier as luxury items. In Malaysia, RM300+ are still big money to spend especially for first timer looking for first babywearing gear. Therefore more parents choose to buy counterfeit and unsafe carriers than ergonomic safe carriers because well, they are cheap. Woven wraps are expensive because most are imported, and even local ones are either limited, or still priced at beyond their budget.

Nevertheless, we always advocate for woven wraps! Why? Because woven wraps are a versatile carrier that you can use the same one from newborn up to pre-schooler without having to upgrade size. They are long-lasting and can even be passed to the next baby and generation. Isn’t that very economical? It can be worn in the front, hip and back, with many types of carry to explore. Wrapping in wovens has proven to hold babies tighter, and along with optimum closeness and warmth from the cuddles, they bring this magical sleepy dust that helps your baby sleep calmer and faster. No kidding!

So what is babywrap.com.my? It’s a Fair-trade project that involves handloom weavers in North India to provide even more affordable woven wraps and slings especially to beginners. Whilst the low budget, they are specially woven as babywearing fabric, which are strong, soft and breathable to carry your babies comfortably for hours. We hope with affordability of our new wraps will make more parents choose to carry their babies in woven wraps.